Illustration picture of the project The 36th Chamber

The 36th Chamber

Creation 2011 | Tryptic #1

The 36th Chamber

Not touching the ground anymore
Change my outlook on the world and me.
Discover me different. Feel transformed.
Finding solutions to an injury.
Sublimate a disability, a handicap.
Abnegation and time stretching.
Discover my weight, my contradictions and a liberating restraint, source of new possibilities.
Go to the end and then come back to earth having discovered gravity and a possible lightness.

©Maxime François

"The feet in black loops, Kevin Jean suspends himself at the end of a rope, upside down, with for counterweight a can. From this position, he offers astonishing variations which evoke alternatly the fall, the strangeness of a hampered body which it would be necessary to reconquer and climb. Kevin Jean plays of this body prevented and failed. The obstacle then becomes another way to let go, to observe and to experience again the movement with softness and fluidity."

©Nina Santes

"This solo offers 30 minutes of sensitive meditation on what animates the deepest part of the body, and allows Kevin Jean to invent himself in aerial sculpture; to dissolve conventional body organization. Starting with the representation we make of it."
Gérard Mayen

©Joana Patita

"Head down, at ground level, Kevin Jean inhabit The 36th Chamber in a staggering slow motion. [...] He seems to explore his body, its environment, in osmosis with the impressive calm surrounding it [...] The circus, even contemporary, has fun of its condition and its apparatus to flirt with the spectacular. Here nothing like it! A non apparatus! The 36th Chamber, where one surprises his occupant in his intimacy, does not try to impress the audience."
Thomas Hahn


  • Conception & performace | Kevin Jean
  • Artistic collaboration | Nina Santes
  • Light design| Séverine Rième
  • Length | 30 minutes

  • Production | La Fronde
  • Coproduction | Fondation Royaumont
  • Thanks to | Ménagerie de verre dans le cadre des Studiolabs, Micadanses dans le cadre des résidences mensuelles, L’échangeur-Cdc Picardie, Mairie de Paris / Aide Paris Jeunes Talents.



  • 4.07.2015
    Parc des Lilas, Vitry-sur-Seine, Fr
  • 27.06.2015
    Nuits bleues #3, L'usine, Tournefeuille / Toulouse, Fr
  • 26&27.03.2015
    Festival 360°, La Passerelle, Saint-Brieuc, Fr
  • 20&21.11.2014
    Festival Materiais Diversos, Minde, Portugal
  • 13-17.08.2014
    Festival Sziget, Budapest,Hongrie
  • 5&6.07.2014
    Festival Rayon Frais, Tours, Fr
  • 29.06.2014
    Le Gymnase CDC, Roubaix, Fr
  • 28.06.2014
    Festival de l’Entorse, Lille, Fr
  • 14.06.2014
    Festival Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille, Fr
  • 28.01.2014
    Les Rencontres du court 30”30’, Le Cuvier – CDC Aquitaine, Bordeaux, Fr
  • 21.01.2014
    Festival International de Danse de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  • 27.11.2013
    Festival Total Danse, Saint André, La Réunion, Fr
  • 22&23.11.2013
    Festival Total Danse, TEAT Champ Fleury, Saint Denis, La Réunion, Fr
  • 1.06.2013
    Festival des Fabriques, Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ermenonville, Fr
  • 11&12.10.2012
    Festival CCC, L'échangeur-CDC Hauts-de-France, Chateau-Thierry, FR
  • 7.10.2012
    Théâtre de la cité internationale, festival d’automne, Paris, FR
  • 15&16.09.2012
    Festival Entre cours et jardin, Trois Fontaines L’abbaye, FR
  • 4&5.09.2012
    Festival Entre cours et jardin, Dijon, FR
  • 12&13.05.2012
    Festival WAOUH, Manège de Reims, Reims, FR
  • 10.04.2012
    Le Safran, Amiens, FR
  • 17&18.09.2011
    Festival Plastique Danse Flore, Versailles, FR
  • 9.09.2011
    Première : Saison musicale de l’Abbaye de Royaumont, Royaumont, FR
  • 22.04.2011
    Work in progress, Micadanses, Paris, FR
  • 19.11.2010
    Work in progress, Fondation Hermès, Manufactures de Sèvres, Sèvres, FR
  • 6.03.2010
    Work in progress, Fenêtre sur cours, Abbaye Royaumont, Royaumont, FR

Pictures of the project The 36th Chamber

©Maxime François
©Nina Santes
©Joana Patita
©Laurent Pailler