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Magma's Promises

Creation 2016 | Duo with Casey

Magma's Promises

To meet, discover and accept us.
Find common and defend our dreams and struggles.
With hope, conviction, power and tenderness.
With our words, our voices, our stories and our bodies.
To get together and share in the light of day this sweet fight.

©Veronique Baudoux

"A big disgusting eruption that squirts half of my crater, of my guts, that sprays forests, valleys and governments. I want to overflow my enclosure, i want to break down your barriers, i want to break down my barriers" Kevin

©Nina Santes

"I want to dissolve the concrete, the dikes, melt the bars. Reduce your heart rate to zero with a clenched fist. I have cravings for a serial killer. The outspokenness of those who have been treated as rotten fruits. I am the periphery, I am the mettle, I am the hysteria, I am voodoo, I am immigration, I am Islam, I am fear. I would like just deep calm and fairy." Casey

©Nina Santes


  • Creation & Performance | Casey & Kevin Jean
  • Assisted by | Nina Santes
  • Thanks to | Dj Kozi et Bastien Lefèvre
  • Length | 30 minutes

  • Production | La Fronde & A-Parté
  • Coproduction | SACD-Festival d’Avignon, L’Echangeur – CDC - Hauts de France
  • Thanks to | La Ménagerie de Verre – Paris dans le cadre des Studiolab, Théâtre Louis Aragon – Tremblay-en-France

  • In the Frame of Avignon Festival, Sujets à Vif, 2016, on a proposal of SACD & Festival d'Avignon.


  • No Press, but to quote Imhotep from I AM: "I liked the magma"
©Veronique Baudoux


  • 6.10.2016
    Festival C'est comme ça, L'échangeur - CDCN Hauts-de-France
    Festival d'Avignon, in the frame of Sujets à Vif 2016

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©Véronique Baudoux
©Nina Santes
©Véronique Baudoux
©Nina Santes